December 20, 2015
PHOTOS: 30 Rock – 6×04 The Ballad of Kenneth Parcell
Gallery Updates Photos Adds Screencaptures

I added 3 low quality promotional stills from 30 Rock‘s episode 6×04 The Ballad of Kenneth Parcell which was aired on 26 January 2012. You can see Emma as guest star on the show. Also I added a few medium quality screencaptures. Check out gallery now: Gallery Links: Television Series > 30 Rock > Screencaptures Television Series > 30 Rock > Promotional Stills

December 20, 2015
Site News: Emma Stone Daily is paparazzi free now!

Here at Emma Stone Daily we are all about respecting Emma as an actress and person. We do not wish to support gossip journalism, paparazzi photography, or anything else that might be harmful to Emma Stone. I acknowledge that some people find it amusing to see Emma walking up and down the streets, stopping at a local shops, spending time with his family and

December 20, 2015
Video: 15 times Emma Stone looked FLAWLESS

15 times Emma Stone looked FLAWLESS — ELLE Magazine (US) (@ELLEmagazine) December 20, 2015

December 19, 2015
Pictures: Public Appearances from 2015
Gallery Updates Public Events

I added a lot of high quality pictures from missing events on our gallery! You can see all photos now: Gallery Links: PUBLIC APPEARANCES > 2015 > 2015 CANNES FILM FESTIVAL – “IRRATIONAL MAN” PREMIERE – MAY 15 PUBLIC APPEARANCES > 2015 > Q&A WITH EMMA STONE AND PARKER POSEY FOR IRRATIONAL MAN IN LA – JULY 7 PUBLIC APPEARANCES

December 19, 2015
Pictures: Photoshoot from 2015

I have added three photoshoots from 2015. Emma looks great, check now: Gallery Links: PHOTOSHOOTS & PORTRAITS > 2015 > INTERVIEW PHOTOSHOOTS & PORTRAITS > 2015 > PEOPLE PHOTOSHOOTS & PORTRAITS > 2015 > WALL STREET JOURNAL

December 19, 2015
[Pictures] – Emma filming La La Land (2016)
Candids La La Land

I have added over 100 high quality pictures from the set of Emma’s upcoming project – La La Land. Go to the gallery and view a lot of pictures: Gallery Links: Film Productions > 2016: La La Land > On the set – August 12, 2015 Film Productions > 2016: La La Land > On the set – August 17,

December 19, 2015
Welcome to brand new – Emma Stone Daily –

Hello dear visitos, Welcome to our brand new website – Emma Stone Daily. Thanks to Flaunt Network for moving our site and buying us brand new domain name.