April 11, 2017
BAFTA Portrait
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Hello, i’ve added to the gallery a portrait of Emma from the BAFTA

April 5, 2017
Women’s Health (2009)
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Hi! I’ve added some new pictures (better quality) of Emma for Women’s Health

March 20, 2017
The Hollywood Report : Beauty Issue
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Hello! I’ve added more HQ pictures of Emme for the Hollywood Report : Beauty Issue

March 2, 2017
Oscar 2017 Portraits
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January 26, 2017
The Hollywood Reporter
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Emma for The Hollywood Reporter

January 26, 2017
Vanity Fair photoshoot
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New photoshoot for Vanity Fair

January 24, 2017
Rolling Stone
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Hello! I’ve added to the gallery one new picture of Emma for Rolling Stone Magazine

January 1, 2017
Vanity Fair Photoshoot
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Happy new year everyone! I’ve added to the gallery the photoshoot for Vanity Fair Italia! Gallery Links: Photoshoots & Portraits > 2017 > Vanity Fair Italia