Emma Stone and Haim Invite You to Meet the Spice Girls, Recreate ‘Stop’ Video


Emma Stone has united with HAIM for an Omaze campaign in which the winner will get the chance to meet the Spice Girls and see them in concert. Stone, a self-proclaimed ardent Spice Girls fan, and HAIM’s Alana, Danielle and Este announced the competition via a playful video published on Wednesday (Jan. 23).

Performing a synchronized dance that nods to the Spice Girls’ classic “Stop,” the quartet modifies the self-assured lyrics to include their message. “Stop right now, thank you very much, I need — you guys to hear this idea we had,Stone says. “What if you and a friend came with us to a Spice Girls concert in London?

Hey you, always on the run gotta — enter at omaze.com/girlpower, and the best part is every donation goes to support these incredible organizations,” Alana says before the names of each organization pop up.

Donations will support organizations such as PATH, Child Mind Institute, Los Angeles LGBT Center, Global Girls Alliance.

And think about it you guys, think of how much fun this is going to be, us all together at a freaking Spice Girl concert,” Este says before lip-syncing the final verse and walking off with a smirk.   

Are we sure that we want her to come with us to that?Stone jokes, as the other girls assure her that Este is just “a little excited.”   

Omaze is an online fundraising platform that “connect influencers, nonprofits and donors to create lasting impact,” according to their website. Fans can enter the competition here.  

Check out the fun video below.

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