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Emma Stone hosts the Saturday Night Live!

Emma Stone hosts the Saturday Night Live!

Emma Stone hosted Saturday Night Live for the fourth time. In her monologue, she referenced the Five Timers Club, a milestone that’s celebrated for recurring hosts of the show. Since she was one episode short, Stone jokingly tried to get the cast to still do special things for her.

In one sketch, the actress played personified versions of raunchy posters hanging in a teenage boy’s bedroom, played by Pete Davidson.

Stone also played Jenny McCarthy in a View parody.

She also appeared in a commercial parody for a brand called Fashion Coward with plain clothing. “My story is, ‘I’m a stranger to myself,’Stone said in the commercial when explaining how her fashion is a story.

In a digital short, the La La Land actress appeared with Melissa Villaseñor in what devolved into a rap video about hobbies. Another musical sketch featured Stone alongside most of the cast singing an ’80s-style song called “Ladies Room.”

Another digital short featured Stone as a very serious method actress playing a secondary character in a porno. She also did a purposefully bad Italian accent in an ad for cheap wine.

K-pop band BTS performed as the musical guest.

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